Man found murdered in jungles near Gaula

The body of a person suspected to have been murdered was discovered in the jungles near the Gaula river here on Sunday. After sending the body for post-mortem, the police began to check footage from the nearby closed-circuit television cameras and questioning the locals to ascertain the identity of the deceased. Women from the Bindukhatta area had gone to collect firewood in the jungles along the Gaula on Sunday morning when they spotted a bloodied body in the bushes. The police were informed and as news of the discovery spread, those involved in mining also reached the site where the body was found. The identity of the person found dead was not established until the time of this report being filed though he is estimated to be aged about 50 years. Prima facie it appears as if he was bludgeoned with rocks fatally. His head was found to have been smashed with powerful blows using rocks. Inspector Nityanand Pant said that possibly the man was murdered on Saturday night. Near the site where his body was found, some items including eatables, glasses, a sweet packet from Bareily and a newspaper from Bareily were also found. It is suspected that the man was brought from outside and murdered here. The locals are being questioned and CCTV footage is being checked to gain leads. Meanwhile, sources state that the police suspect those involved in the illegal hooch business along with someone either driving or helping the driver of any of the several vehicles used in the mining activity at the Gaula riverbed. The police suspect that the murder could have been the result of animosity among those involved in the illegal hooch trade or those involved in driving or helping drivers of the vehicles plying the area to transport mined materials. The angle of an illicit affair is the reason behind the killing is not being ruled out either. However, the police are yet to find solid leads in the case. The victim is believed to be from outside this area as none of the locals have been able to identify him. Police personnel has also been sent to neighboring Uttar Pradesh in an attempt to ascertain the identity of the murder victim. Read more posts… Monday, 03 December 2018 | PNS | Lalkuan

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