Wednesday, 11 April 2018 | PNS | Dehradun– The State Government has posted IAS officer Rajiv Rautela on the post of Kumaon commissioner. The State administration made changes in the responsibilities of some IAS and PCS officers on Tuesday. It will be recalled that Rautela had elicited some controversy during his earlier posting as the district magistrate of Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh. According to information provided by the government, secretary of transport, agricultural education, horticulture, transport commissioner and project director UGVS, D Senthil Pandiyan has been relieved of the charge of Rural Engineering Service (RES) and cane-sugar. Secretary of revenue, labour, protocol and secretariat administration, Harbans Singh Chugh has been relieved of revenue and accorded RES. Secretary Chandrashekhar Bhatt has been relieved of the charge of Kumaon commissioner while secretary (in charge) Pankaj Kumar Pandey has been made the commissioner of rural development. Secretary (in charge) Indudhar has been accorded cane-sugar and secretary (in charge) Vinod Prasad Raturi has been relieved of Sanskrit education and secretariat administration while being accorded revenue. Additional secretary R Rajesh Kumar has been relieved of industrial development, commerce and textile, MSME and accorded secretariat administration. Additional secretary Ranbir Singh Chauhan has been relieved of his responsibilities of power and UREDA director while being accorded woman empowerment and child welfare along with the directorship of integrated child development.

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