Less education & superstitious atmosphere pulling people towards black magic

Monday, 11 December 2023 | PNS | DEHRADUN

Various factors like the lack of education and a belief in superstitions contribute to individuals engaging in practices of black magic. Recently, a man in Udham Singh Nagar allegedly killed his two daughters because he believed they were possessed by Jinn. They died while he believed he was attempting to exorcise them. Experts said that individuals with superstitious beliefs, like the said man, can pose a danger to themselves and others. Counselling plays a crucial role in eliminating superstitious behaviour among such individuals, the experts said.

Talking to The Pioneer, neuropsychologist Dr Sona Kaushal Gupta said, “The people who commit acts of murder or suicide due to superstitions often exhibit a weakened mental fortitude. Instead of seeking logical explanations, these individuals are drawn towards the wrong path that involves black magic.”

She emphasised that individuals who are less educated and mentally vulnerable are often involved in such activities. These individuals may also suffer from other conditions such as anxiety, depression and fear. So, counselling plays a crucial role in preventing these individuals from engaging in harmful actions due to their belief in black magic. Further, raising awareness about the negative effects of superstition is necessary to combat this growing phenomenon in society, she added.

Clinical psychologist Dr Pratibha Sharma said that individuals engaging in black magic or superstitious beliefs are afflicted with delusional disorder. Due to this disorder, individuals make assumptions without any basis in reality. “Those residing in a superstitious environment and those with less education tend to be involved in black magic. It is advisable to maintain a distance from such individuals as they pose potential harm to themselves and others. To prevent the propagation of superstition, cognitive theory and counselling sessions are crucial. Failing to provide timely counselling sessions may result in the development of psychotic disorder, which is even more detrimental than delusional disorder,” Sharma said. 

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