Leopard trapped, BHEL residents relieved

The big cat will be released in the wilds soon

A leopard which has been prowling around the residential areas and foundry gate of BHEL for the past few months was finally trapped on Sunday night by the Haridwar forest department team. The big cat has been kept under observation at the rescue center and would soon be released into the wilds, claim the forest officials. The leopard is fit and fine, says the team of doctors after the big cat was medically examined A male leopard aged about 4 years was trapped in the cage laid down by the forest department team a month ago. Speaking to The Pioneer, the divisional forest officer (DFO) Haridwar Akash Verma said, “We received the information last night that the leopard was trapped at 10 pm near the foundry gate of BHEL. Later, it was taken to the rescue center and in the morning, a team of doctors examined it.” Notably, the forest department had put the cage in the BHEL area on receiving permission from the forest higher officers. As per the team of doctors which examined the big cat, the leopard is in a good physical condition. “Seeing its morphological features, the leopard seems to be between 3 and 4 years of age. The BHEL employees were quite tense as the leopard had darted many a time in the township. Now they are in a position to heave a sigh of relief,” added the DFO Verma. Notably, incidents of leopards straying in the human habitats have been quite frequent over the past few months, leaving the people scared. Just four days ago, a 30-year-old woman had been attacked in the Motichur range under Rajaji Tiger Reserve. The injured woman had been shifted to AIIMS Rishikesh where she was operated upon.  The doctors who had treated her said that the timely surgery had saved the life of the woman who was attacked in her neck. She had been attacked when along with her two friends she had darted into area of Rajaji Tiger Reserve for collecting fire woods, defying the rules. In yet another incident which had happened in July this year, a mutilated body of a villager had been found in the forest area under Rajaji Tiger Reserve. The villager who had gone to graze his livestock in Motichur forest range had been mauled by a leopard. The 56- year-old man, a resident of Prateek Nagar Raiwala, had gone missing after he had gone to graze his cattle in the forest near Raiwala. He had been later identified as Surat Singh who was mentally retarded and did not do any other work than raising his livestock. Many such incidents of leopard attack had been reported over the past few months. Aside from attacking people who had got into the forest area in violation of the rules and ignoring the warning, the big cats had also preyed on the pet animals tethered in the courtyard of the houses. Read more posts… Tuesday, 11 December 2018 | PNS | Haridwar-

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