Jhanda Mela begins with raising of new flagpole

Monday, 13 March 2023 | PNS | DEHRADUN

The historic Jhanda Mela started in Dehradun after the raising of the new flag mast at Darbar Sahib here on Sunday evening. Thousands from across the State, other States and even abroad congregated on the occasion to witness the important ceremony. The Mahant Devendra Dass began guiding devotees to raise the new flagpole in the afternoon and some time later the new mast was raised at 4:12 PM. This was greeted with enthusiastic dance by devotees to the beats of drums while multitudes hailed Guru Ram Rai. The raising of the new flagpole also marked the start of the historic Jhanda Mela which is also considered a part of Dehradun’s cultural heritage.

Earlier, the rituals for replacing the flag mast began as thousands of devotees congregated at Darbar Sahib early in the morning. The old mast was removed at 8 AM and worshipped. The new flag mast was also bathed with milk, ghee, honey, Gangajal and Panchgavya by the devotees. The 90 feet tall flag mast was first covered in the simple and Shaneel covers (Gilaf) even as devotees ensured that the holy pole was not kept on the ground. At about 12:30 PM the Darshani Gilaf was placed on the pole. The process of raising the new flagpole began at 2:05 PM. The Mahant Devendra Dass guided the devotees in raising the mast which was finally put in place at about 4:12 PM. As witnessed on this occasion every year, a hawk appeared and flew around the newly raised flagpole. The appearance of the bird enhanced the fervour of the crowds of devotees gathered on the occasion. Greeting all the people of India, Uttarakhand and the devotees on the occasion, the Mahant said that the Jhanda Mela gives the message of love, harmony, brotherhood, enthusiasm and peace. Meanwhile, with multitudes thronging the location, the entire ceremony was broadcast on LED screens along with the social media. Among the thousands who arrived at Darbar Sahib for the occasion, devotees reached Dehradun from western Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh along with parts of Uttarakhand and abroad.

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