Jewellers expect good business this Deepawali

Wednesday, 27 October 2021 | PNS | Dehradun

The jewellers in Dehradun are expecting this Deepawali season to be a good period for the sale of gold ornaments and other gold items, unlike in the last year when the Covid pandemic had hit the sales. Every year, many families buy gold articles like pieces of jewellery, coins and gold biscuits on Dhanteras before Deepawali which usually generates considerable business for jewellers.

However, many were reluctant to spend money on gold items last year due to the economic instability in many families caused due to Covid-19 pandemic. The jewellers stated that they did only about 40 per cent of their usual business in 2020 during the wedding season and Deepawali. However, the jewellers are expecting this festive season to be quite profitable compared to the previous year. According to them, the business of gold, gems and diamond jewellery is doing well during the wedding season than the last year and they expect good business on pre- Deepawali days starting from this weekend. “As the Covid effects appear to wane, the jewellery business is certainly better at this time of the year.

The wedding season is going really well as weddings are not being delayed as in the last year. We are also getting many advance bookings for gold ornaments for Dhanteras which were quite less last year. I think we will get more customers this weekend as people generally shop for gold ornaments just before Deepawali. The business has not recovered 100 per cent yet but it is way better than the last year,” stated the owner of Samriddhi Jewellers, Satish Kumar Saini. 

The president of Sarrafa Mandal, Sunil Masson also said that about 80 per cent business of jewellers has returned on the track in Dehradun and Deepawali is also expected to be great for the business. However, he added that certain restrictions by the authorities and ongoing construction work under the smart city project might affect the business during the Deepawali period. “The incomplete construction works at various locations in marketplaces might affect the footfall in the market. Also, the authorities restrict the entry of vehicles during the three crucial days when the people tend to visit the markets the most. These factors can affect the business of jewellers,” stated Masson.

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