Thursday, 21 June 2018 | PNS | Dehradun– Municipal Corporation of Dehradun  (MCD) has set into operation a sweeping machine called ‘Jatayu’ at the FRI campus a day before the mega Yoga show is held. Besides, the civic body officers claimed to have set up  65 mobile toilets in the campus where around 50,000 people  are likely to throng to do Yoga with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Civic body officers said that Jatayu machines are based on the structure of suction technology. The pipe can be mounted on mini trucks and trailers, they said, adding that it is a high- power vacuum cleaner capable of intaking a large size plastic waste material and other waste at a time. The machine is already being used in different other states for sanitation purposes, they further said. Speaking to The Pioneer, municipal commissioner Vijay Kumar Jogdande said, “After around 35 mobile toilets were set up by our team  at the venue on Tuesday which are around 350 units in total, 30 more has been set up in the outer area as well as near the parking area of FRI on Wednesday. In total, 650 units have been installed for the use. Our team will ensure that the participants do not face any problem for dearth of sanitation facilities during the event.” He further said that Jatayu machine has been set up to keep the campus clean.  “It is a very good machine as it is capable of cleaning heavy waste at once. The machine requires two people for operation.  It contains a bag  with a capacity of400 kilograms which can be changed once it is full,” he said. Quizzed  over the price of the sweeping  machine,  the municipal commissioner  said it is now zero. “It has been installed on a trial basis for demonstration.  It  has been supplied from Roorkee. We might place order in case it operates to our satisfaction,” he added.

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