Is your home a healthy place to live?

Everyday radiation which is invisible can be hazardous to health and it is becoming imperative to protect ourselves from it, says Ajay Poddar

The idea of a smart home is no longer a futuristic fantasy. One can control lights, air conditioning, TV and other household appliances from the comfort of your couch with the flick of the proverbial button. But are smart homes also healthy homes? Even as smart technologies transform our lives, there is a downside that we often overlook. By adopting smart technologies, we have also exposed ourselves to electromagnetic radiation. It is emitted by all forms of technology, including smart phones, smart homes, smart meters, smart appliances, smart TVs, laptops, tablets and WiFi connections. Although radiation emanating from smart gadgets and appliances is of a lower frequency but when you consider the length of time that we are exposed to these, it can have a major negative impact on human health. Many people report health issues like headaches, lower immunity, excessive fatigue, hypersensitivity and depression, among other symptoms. Moreover, these radiations are very damaging and susceptible especially for children  and can lead to the reduction of brain cells, loss of cognitive abilities (like learning, memory), hearing loss and more. Also, people who keep their smartphones and tablets close to them while trying to sleep often complain of insomnia. In 2011, the World Health Organisation (WHO), International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) had classified electromagnetic radiations as possibly cancerous to humans, based on an increased risk of brain cancer in recent years. During use, wireless devices like mobile phones, for instance, emit electromagnetic radiations and the brain becomes the target. Apart from these electromagnetic radiations, we are also enveloped by natural radiations inside homes and offices, also known as geopathic stress, which emerge from the surface of the earth. They are caused by natural cavities, underground water streams and magnetic core of the Earth. Prolonged exposure to them is linked to health issues like poor sleep quality, aches and pains. Stop. Now imagine, you and your loved ones are sitting or sleeping at a place with great amount of man-made and natural radiations. These are called everyday radiations as they are affecting us 24×7. Despite the problems caused by these, we still do not take care to protect ourselves. This is because many people are not aware of what this radiation pollution does to their brain and body. This reminds us of another environmental pollution — that of the air, which is afflicting most of the country. This has compelled many people to buy air purifiers. However, people are yet to fully realise the repercussions of being around radiation pollution. It is high time that we did. We cannot run away from these everyday radiations but we definitely can opt for radiation purification solutions for homes and workplaces. (The writer is the Managing Director of a company which works for the creation of healthy spaces.) Monday, 15 April 2019 | Ajay Poddar

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