Monday, 28 May 2018 | PNS | Dehradun — The members of the SIIDCUL Entrepreneurs Welfare Society (SEWS) questioned the unscheduled power cuts in the industrial area at Rudrapur. At a meeting held on Sunday, the members of the society said that unscheduled power cuts were exerting a detrimental effect on industrial activity in the area. The members complained that frequent and unscheduled power cuts had affected production in the industrial units which was also affecting revenue negatively. Due to this, the income of the daily wagers is also being affected. Considering the recent rise in price of diesel, the industrial units were incurring more expense in trying to continue their activities. The members pointed out that during March 2018 unscheduled power cuts had run up to 15 hours, while the duration was 25 hours in April and had already reached up to 64 hours till May 18. They stated that earlier they had complained in writing to the officers of the Uttarakhand Power Corporation Limited in Rudrapur. Later they had also communicated their problems to the State administration. However, the industrialists were neither being provided satisfactory explanation nor was the problem of unscheduled power cuts being addressed by the authorities. SEWS members Manoj Tyagi, Anil Kumar Singh, Sanjay Singhal and Ajay Tiwari among others were present in the meeting.

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