Indore Police to reach Rishikesh to collect severed limbs found in Ujjaini Express

Wednesday, 12 June 2024 | PNS | DEHRADUN

The Indore police from Madhya Pradesh will reach Rishikesh within two days to collect the limbs of a woman’s body found on a train in Rishikesh on Monday. The Government Railway Police (GRP) will keep the limbs in its possession for 72 hours as per the rules after which those will be disposed of, the deputy inspector general of GRP, P Renuka Devi said. 

She informed that the GRP found severed hands and legs of an unidentified woman in a plastic bag from a compartment of Ujjaini Express in Rishikesh on Monday evening. They noticed the suspicious plastic bag during checking. It was recovered from near the toilet between two coaches and the bag was emitting a foul smell. “The police here informed the Indore police about the severed limbs which were cut into three pieces. The Indore police informed us that they found a woman’s severed body parts, with her hands and legs missing, in the yard of the Indore railway station. The police have sent the body parts for post mortem on Sunday in Indore but they are yet to nab anybody in the case,” Renuka said. She stated, “We have done the Panchayatnama of the body parts found in the train.

The police here will keep them in their possession for 72 hours. If the Indore police will not reach here in the stipulated time, we will take various samples of limbs for DNA testing and other tests that the latter can use for investigation. The police here will then dispose of the limbs as per the rule. However, the Indore police are likely to reach Rishikesh on Wednesday. The limbs found here possibly belong to the severed body found in Indore which will be clarified only after the DNA test.”

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