India to emerge as a bright spot for trade & commerce investments

Wednesday, 05 October 2022 | PNS

In recent years, India has emerged as a resilient economy with strong market fundamentals and has been able to overcome market global market disruptions. Altos Enterprises managing director Abhishek Gupta states that as per projections by various leading global trade bodies, India will emerge as the third largest economy by 2030. It will be one of the bright spot economies, which would provide growth incentives to the international business entities looking forward to investing in the country.

He states, “India’s greatest asset is its youthful population, which will be the driving force behind its surge, unlike the aging population of industrialized nations the world over which will be limiting their growth potential. As a nation, we have to provide topmost priority to education and the development of infrastructure which will play a big role in our emergence as a self-reliant nation. I look forward to being a citizen of a nation that is on the rise and would be self-reliant in all its initiatives. I am confident that the youth in our country will work with dedication and determination to achieve the national economic goals of our country. India has the advantage of a demographic dividend and it will facilitate the emergence as an economic powerhouse in the coming decade

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