Illegal mining rampant in Uttarkashi, adm looks other way

Monday, 04 MARCH 2024 | PNS | UTTARKASHI

In latest news from Uttarakhand, defying the eco-sensitive zone prohibition, mining activities are continuing on the banks of Ganga in Uttarkashi district in full swing. The locals allege that due to rampant mining, the flow of the river is being impeded and the water level is dropping. They further allege that the mining mafias are flouting prohibition with impunity as they act in cahoots with the administration officials.  Notably, mining is allowed in Uttarkashi district till Joshiada bridge beyond which is a designated eco-sensitive zone. The people say that illegal mining is being conducted even the ES Zone in broad daylight. They also cite the High Court order which, in its ruling, clearly prohibits mechanised mining within the radius of five km of the bridges, expressing apprehension that mining might threaten the foundation of bridges in future. However, mining is being done near a number of bridges with the law enforcers looking the other way.

As per locals, mining is happening near important bridges in places like Tiloth, Joshiyada, Gangori, Manera, Badethi, Tekhala, Dunda, Devidhar and Hitanu.

Venting anger on the matter, the state executive president of identified state agitators Vijendra said that such mining activities are not just making bridges vulnerable but increasing the risk of flood in rivers. He said that collusion with a section of the administration is emboldening the mafias to conduct mining in open defiance of court and the administrative orders.  

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