Illegal construction continues in Nainital, allege locals

Building construction is being carried out in green belt of the Lake Development Authority area in Nainital despite a prohibition on the same. Locals allege that such dubious activities are being carried out by persons in connivance with officials of the Lake Development Authority. Observers point out that in the recent past, the authority had conducted a campaign and acted against illegal constructions. However, despite this, building construction is continuing on the sly in various locations of Nainital town. Dozens of goods carriers from Haldwani and Kaladhungi are arriving daily in Nainital with construction material. Despite there being a prohibition on approval to building layouts in the green belt and danger zone, the builders are confident enough to continue their activities in violation of the directions of the local administration, lake development authority and even the high court. Though no new building maps are being passed and neither are registries being done, those involved in illegal constructions have apparently not been affected by such prohibitions. It should be mentioned here that as in other urban areas of the state, population pressure coupled with unplanned developments have posed problems in Nainital too. Observers blame various problems ranging from improper garbage disposal and traffic congestion to danger from landslides on such unplanned developments. The landslide in Baliyanala area which also elicited the focus and directions from the high court also recently brought focus to the threat faced by the people and a portion of the town. However, as some locals allege, these factors have not affected a complete stop on illegal construction activity in the lake city. It now remains to be seen whether the officials concerned ensure that necessary effective action is taken not only to stop such illegal constructions but also to ensure that the same are not undertaken in the future. Read more posts… Wednesday, 26 December 2018 | PNS | Nainital

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