Ignoring indecent behaviour encourages predator: Parineeti Chopra

if serial offenders kept getting work in the industry, it would send a wrong message

Parineeti Chopra Wednesday said if people continue to ignore sexual harassment in the Hindi film industry, it would only encourage predators. In the onslaught of #MeToo, names such as Nana Patekar, Alok Nath, Vikas Bahl, and Kailash Kher have cropped up with women accusing them of sexual harassment, rape, and misconduct. Parineeti Chopra said if serial offenders kept getting work in the industry, it would send a wrong message. “The moment you know something, take an action. If you are quiet, you are allowing this to happen. When I know you are not the greatest man, why should I continue making films with you, acting with you? Because then you’re enabling that person and he thinks ‘great, I’ve gotten away with this. Amazing! I can do it five more times,” the actor told PTI. “I am sure they (industry people) will not be working with those who have been named. “Unfortunately what has happened is, anybody who is aware that somebody was sexually offending, they continued to work with that guy. That’s where those people are wrong.” Parineeti said boycotting the sexual harassers was the “smallest step”. “According to me, these people need to be in jail. These people are worse than terrorists and murderers. Doing such a thing to a woman, violating her, I actually cannot think of something worse,” she added. The actor, however, said the process to ensure a safe working environment does not necessarily depend on external factors but internal behavior. “What people are not understanding is, there are no rules that can be put in place. There is an unwritten rule: do not sexually harass people you are working with, or otherwise. What can we do to make it safe? Speak up when it happens, report it, take an action against that person. Keep eliminating as and when it comes. “There are no rules or laws we can put. Am I going to give you 24-hour security on set? That’s always there. Am I going to be the vigilante? I am always that. What do you do when I pack up and go back alone in my hotel and someone enters the room? There will be no law that will help me,” she added. The actor will be next seen in “Namaste England“, co-starring Arjun Kapoor. Directed by Vipul Shah, the film is scheduled to release on October 19. Wednesday, 10 October 2018 | PTI | Mumbai–

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