Hope #MeToo campaign doesn’t fizzle out: Mouni Roy

It’s high time that women should speak against harassment that they have faced in their lives. If they will not talk about it now then when they should talk about it? : Mouni Roy

Actress Mouni Roy, who is busy shooting for her forthcoming film “Made in China”, is hoping that the #MeToo campaign which has gathered momentum in the country doesn’t fizzle out like other important issues. Mouni was interacting with the media at the Bombay Times Fashion Week on Friday here. Reacting on the campaign, Mouni said: “It’s high time that women should speak against harassment that they have faced in their lives. If they will not talk about it now then when they should talk about it? “I think they should take their matter to court but it will only happen when you will talk about the present situation because there are some cases which have happened so many years ago that there is no proof or evidence left to get due to justice. I think anyone, whether it’s a man or a woman who is going through any kind of harassment, should come out and talk about it because that is very important.” She also hoped that the movement doesn’t fizzle out in the country. “Not just the film industry, I genuinely feel that little children including boys and girls in our neighborhood or sometimes in our families, they go through similar kind of harassment that they can’t talk about it. “I just hope and pray that this campaign doesn’t fizzle out because sometimes certain issues catch momentum in our country and unfortunately after a few days, no one even talks or thinks about it.” Mouni also recalled her own eve-teasing experience when she used to study in Delhi. “I think we have all experienced eve-teasing as a child. I have studied in Delhi and I have been petrified every evening that I have walked out on the streets. I have personally experienced the fear of walking out and being eve-teased or being looked at badly. “I used to be a person who used to be scared to talk about it because unfortunately, our society is such that they point fingers on girls only so, I think it takes lot of guts within yourself to talk about it in public so, I appreciate the fact that so many women are speaking about their issues.” Sharing her experience working with Rajkummar Rao in “Made in China”, Mouni said: “I think by far its one of the most favorite sets that I have been on. It was an enriching experience working with the entire cast and crew of the film. Rajkummar is brilliant. He is such a superlative actor. Most of the time, your co-actor will tell you whether you are doing right or wrong in a scene but he will tell you how to enhance a particular scene that is something I learned a lot while working with him so, I am having great experience shooting that film.” The film, being shot in Ahmedabad, revolves around the story of a struggling but ambitious businessman who tastes success in an unexpected way. While Rajkumar plays a struggling businessman in the film, Mouni plays his wife. Mikhail Musale marks his directorial debut with “Made in China”. The film also stars Boman Irani and will hit the screens on Independence Day next year. It is being produced by Dinesh Vijan under the banner of Maddock Films. read more post… Saturday, 13 October 2018 | IANS | Mumbai–

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