Honeymooners, college students usher in the summer tourist season in Mussoorie

It is May  once again and  time for  the “Queen of Hills” to gear  up well for the  summer tourist season that  has been supporting  the economy of this hill town for decades .May is the month of great hope here as business finally starts looking up and the hustle and bustle begins. As compared to last month, there is much more   activity here now as tourists, specially honeymoon couples , some college students and some business families from small towns , are beginning to pour in. Repairs are underway at some hotels and restaurants .In fact, finishing touches are being given to all things possible like shops, cafes and restaurants. Each one wants to show its best face to the tourists . Every shopkeeper is trying to put up the best wares for the forthcoming  tourist season. There is an air of expectation and excitement all over the town. At the beginning of summer, each year, there is a resurgence of hope in the city .Even if the previous year has been lean, the next year brings the hope back. And many a time, the hope is fulfilled well. At the “Garhwal Terrace” of Garhwal Mandal  Vikas Nigam ( GMVN) ,things are really looking up. It is well-turned out and already has quite a few rooms full. There is a variety of dishes available. The location is an added advantage with the cool breeze blowing in from the windows overlooking the valley. New style garments are on display at all the readymade garments shops .Mussoorie has always had an edge when it comes to garments , especially woollens . The latest designs and styles are available and if one wish a coat or jacket to be made to order, one can get it within a few hours. Foreign tourists  avail this facility  frequently. The latest fashions can be seen on the Mall,summer and winter. Many families from places like Bijnore, Najibabad and Lucknow are in Mussoorie these days besides some Maharashtrian and Gujarati folk. Students of colleges where exams are over are also taking a refreshing break .Seen at every corner are young honeymooners enjoying coffee or ice-cream ,busy clicking selfies . Mussoorie has always been a favourite honeymoon destination and has hotels known as ‘Honeymoon Inn’ and “ The  Perfect Hideout”. Softy ice-cream is still quite popular and new stalls of fruit juices and ice creams can now be seen on the Mall Road .    At the Green Restaurant , new furniture is in place  .Green has been a very popular place for tourists as well as locals for the past many decades. By May 15, the town begins to get crowded and remains so till mid-July .  Rains no longer deter tourists as they once used to. The famous Lovely Omelette shop has a long queue of customers, as usual! The new Nirulas on Mall Road, opposite the old Rialto cinema , is an added attraction, especially for the young tourists .  Right next is the Café Coffee Day .Gradual changes have changed the overall look of the hill station down the years. However, there are enough of the old spots and places to make the old time tourists comfortable and happy. The Cambridge Book Depot, Chick Chocolate, Madras Café, Tavern, Inder Sweets, Lakshmi Sweets and many other shops have been there for long and people have been visiting them on every trip to Mussoorie down the decades. The wind is cool and refreshing, the town is spreading its arms to welcome visitors. So, have you packed your bags to go up to this amazing hill station which is so accessible and so alluring?   It is and always has been loved by people as the nicest place in the hills in northern India Thursday, 09 May 2019 | Jaskiran Chopra | Mussoorie

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