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Tuesday, 14 November 2023 | PNS | DEHRADUN

The demand for room heaters in Dehradun has increased with the winter intensifying. Retailers selling electronic appliances state that the sale heaters rises every winter, which also leads to an increase in their prices. However, experts recommend using room heaters in moderation to maintain good health. Using room heaters is a safer option than traditional fireplaces during the winter season, said public health consultant Dr Mahesh Bhatt.

Dwelling on the sale of room heaters, shop owner Binod Kumar said that the demand for room heaters in the city has increased over time. In the past, people burnt wood or coal to keep themselves warm during winter. However, due to busy schedules, people now prefer the convenience of heaters, which has led to an increase in demand, he added.

Another electronic applicant retailer Vishal Rohila said, “The demand for room heaters is expected to increase during December and January due to the onset of the winter season. Moreover, the continuous demand for room heaters has led to the availability of advanced technology room heaters in the market, which are priced higher.”

He further added the demand for room heaters in the city has increased due to people’s desire for easy access to everything.h

Dr Bhatt told this correspondent that, using a heater during the winter season is a safe and good option for everyone. “In the past, people used to rely on bonfires, but this was not a safe option as it required them to travel miles to collect wood. Bonfires usually emit carbon monoxide, which has become a major cause of suffocation-related deaths.  So, I would recommend that people use room heaters instead, but in moderation,” Dr Bhatt said. Additionally, he suggested that people should maintain the level of humidity in the room by placing a bowl of water in the room where the heater is placed.

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