Govt should implement CM Leap scheme soon, not only on papers: Experts


The State government should implement the CM Leap Earn While You Learn scheme in the State universities to enhance the education system, rather than just mentioning it in papers, the experts said. They said this following the recent announcement made by Education minister Dhan Singh Rawat regarding the approval of the scheme by the State government. The scheme is aimed at providing financial assistance to students. In light of this, both students and experts have shared mixed feelings and emphasised the importance of proper implementation rather than just having it exist solely on paper, along with updating the eligibility criteria. According to the Education minister, the eligibility criteria regarding the selection of students for this scheme will be based on the students’ academic performance. 

College student Vaishnavi Rai expressed appreciation for the recent announcement of the scheme providing financial assistance to students during their studies. However, she pointed out that although the government has approved numerous schemes, many have not been effectively implemented. She urged the government to promptly implement this scheme in the State.

Another college student Raj Verma also stressed on the importance of properly implementing the scheme in the State. Additionally, he suggested that the eligibility criteria for students regarding the scheme should be revised. He said that the current criteria, which focus on academic performance instead of skills for specific jobs may inadvertently disadvantage students with more practical knowledge than theoretical understanding.

Talking to The Pioneer, Doon University registrar MS Mandrawal, expressed satisfaction regarding the recent announcement of the scheme by the Education minister. He stated that this initiative will help improve skills and advance the education system. He said that this scheme has been adopted by western countries and is currently incorporated in the National Education Policy (NEP). He stressed that the effective execution of the scheme would greatly benefit the students in the State.

Professor at DAV PG College Prashant Singh also appreciated the approval granted to the scheme by the State government. However, he raised concerns regarding the criteria for selecting students for specific jobs. He emphasised that instead of solely focusing on academic performance, the government should establish clear criteria for selecting students for jobs under the scheme, rather than merely going through a formal process. Singh added that in addition to this, the government should prioritise certain aspects under this scheme.

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