Friday, 04 May 2018 | PNS | Dehradun– In a glaring instance of how  drunk driving is running rampant in the city, a driver of a car used by a senior Government administrative officer was found drunk while he was behind the wheels and was slapped with a penalty by  City Patrol Unit personnel. The incident happened on the bustling Survey Chowk in Dehradun on Wednesday evening. The car behind whose wheels was a drunk driver was embossed with a board with ‘Uttarakhand Shasan’ written on it. The police said that the driver had erupted in anger when asked by the on –duty CPU personnel to stop for checking. Later, the driver had been subjected to alcometre test and he was found in an inebriated state. The driver had been slapped with a penalty and the car had been impounded. Police said that the driver thus fined is working in the Secretariat. Notably, earlier in November 2017, the CPU personnel had slapped challan on the driver of a private vehicle  hired by DGP Anil K Raturi for a case of red light jumping at Dilaram Chowk area in the city. Raturi paying the challan on the spot had sent out a message that nobody would be spared if found on the wrong side of the traffic rules. However, a driver being paid for driving a car allotted to a senior administrative officer has left the state administration and police brass worried. “When drunk driving menace is taking increasing toll of lives on the roads across the state the instance of a car used by an administrative top gun being driven by a drunk driver is bound to leave all working in the administration red faced. The officers to whom the Government cars are allotted must be more alert lest such shameful incident recurs.  Besides, police must act tough with such things, irrespective of whose cars they are,” said a senior state administrative officer.

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