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GO issued for releasing Rs 22.24 crore under PRD

Friday 15, 2021| PNS | Dehradun

Continuing the trend of following up on announcements made by chief minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, the state government has issued a government order regarding approval for Rs 22.24 crore aimed at facilitating self reliance of Yuvak Mangal Dals and Mahila Mangal Dals under the Prantiya Rakshad Dal (PRD) in the state. The amount approved as per the government order will be utilised to provide financial assistance to Yuvak Mangal Dals and Mahila Mangal Dals for a period of six months. It is pertinent to mention here that the chief minister had announced earlier that considering the appreciable work done by the Yuvak Mangal Dals and Mahila Mangal Dals during the Covid pandemic, financial assistance will be provided to them for a period of six months.

Meanwhile, critics opine that Dhami is simply making announcements, approvind sums and getting orders issued for the same despite the fact that successive state governments continue to rely on taking loans even to provide salaries and pensions to serving and retired public servants apart from meeting other routine expenses. In what may be called by some as appeasement politics, Dhami has made announcements worth many crores of rupees in little more than three months he has been in office. Political observers state that while Dhami and the Bharatiya Janata Party may take the credit for making such announcements and approvals, whichever party is elected to form the next government in Uttarakhand will actually decide whether such expenses can be afforded or not at a time when successive state governments have taken thousands of crores of rupees debt to simply pay salaries, pensions and other expenses mostly pertaining to public servants.

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