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Getting slot cumbersome but youths enthusiastic for vaccine

Thursday, 13 May 2021 | PNS | Kotdwar

With Covid vaccination underway for those in the 18-45 years age group in Uttarakhand, those in this age group state that though getting a slot for vaccination is a cumbersome process they are satisfied after being vaccinated. Those who are yet to get vaccinated are eagerly awaiting their turn.

Sudhanshu Bahuguna a 21-year-old student in Kotdwar said, “I and my brother got vaccinated at a government centre and we are happy with our experience as the process was quite smooth. Luckily we got our slot on the first day of vaccination. All the Covid guidelines were properly being followed at the vaccination centre. People were wearing masks and social distancing was also being maintained at the centre which was clean and organised. Doctors and nurses were asking everyone in case somebody had any comorbidity and then after the consultation they were getting jabs.” About the side effects he said, “I had a mild fever after the jab but after some time I started feeling better. My brother and a friend of mine showed no adverse reactions, they were completely fine after getting the vaccine.”

Another student Nikunj Gupta from Kotdwar said, “To get a vaccination slot is a tough task but after that everything was easy. After reaching the centre my experience was good. I didn’t have to wait in a long queue as a proper procedure was being followed for everything. After vaccination, I had mild fever and sore throat which is getting better now.”   

Nitika Rawat a 36-year-old homemaker in Dehradun said, “I was checking slots continuously and for the first day when I was about to get the vaccination slot suddenly every slot got booked which made me realise that it’s not easily available. So I tried again a lot of times and finally booked my slot for the second day and got vaccinated. My experience was good but the centre seemed crowded with so many people though Covid norms were properly being followed. I felt pain in my arm and my niece had little dizziness after the jab but except that everything seems fine.”

She added “I think it’s important to get vaccinated in such a scary situation and there’s no need to be scared. You may at first feel some mild symptoms but soon you will feel better so go for it as soon as you get a slot.”

Meanwhile, there are still many who are eagerly waiting to get vaccinated. Richa Joshi, an MSc student at Srinagar said, “Since our government announced vaccination for those aged above 18 years I was excited. Some of my friends in other cities have been vaccinated and they shared a good experience and that is making me more eager to get my jab.”

She added, “Those in my family who have had both doses had temporary side effects like mild fever and fatigue after the first dose and on the second dose they hardly had any side effects and I am also ready for this temporary discomfort rather than a visit to a hospital.”

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