Geeta Jayanti observed with devotional fervour in Haridwar

‘Gita transcends time, country, race’

In the city of temples Rishikesh, two mega-events were organized to mark the Geeta Jayanti on Tuesday. Considered as the appearance day of Bhagavad Gita- the sacred scripture of the Hindus-, it is celebrated on the Shukla Ekadashi, the 11th day of the waxing moon of Margashirsha month which started around noon on Tuesday.

Speaking on the occasion, Sadhwi Bhagwati of Parmarth Niketan said, “Bhagavad Gita is the essence of all scriptures. One may spend years and years and yet one may not get into the deep meaning of a single chapter of the peerless verse. However, with the grace of God, one may grasp the gist of the Gita in a moment,” she said.

Dwelling more on the timeless greatness of the Gita, she said that the more one recites the mantra enshrined in the scriptures the clearer the solution to the life’s crisis becomes. “ It is not esoteric teaching, exclusive, race or time specific. The mystery of the Gita is open to one and all.  It changes every person who embarks on unraveling the mystery of Gita with devotion and sincerity. This is universal, not meant exclusively for the Hindus. It is eternally relevant and transcends time and its background set in the Kurukshetra battleground. Herein lies the eternal appeal of the Gita,” the Sadhwi said.

Gita recitation contests were held by Geeta Bhawan on the day with students’ participation in a large number.  The manager of Geeta Bhawan Gaurishankar Mohta said while talking to The Pioneer that the literature published by the Geeta Press is still available at throwaway prices. “They are gems of spiritual literature in the form of commentaries by Hanuman Prasad Poddar, Goenka, Swami Ramsukhdass and other eminent saints of the century,” he said. Read more posts…

Wednesday, 19 December 2018 | PNS | Rishikesh

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