GDMC ascribes decreasing  AAUY registrations to changes in criteria

Thursday, 11 July 2024 | PNS | DEHRADUN

Following a modification in the registration criteria for patients eligible for the Atal Ayushman Uttarakhand Yojana (AAUY), the Government Doon Medical College (GDMC) has noted a decline in the number of registered patients under the scheme.

Informing this, the deputy medical superintendent at GDMC Dr Dhananjay Dobhal said on Wednesday that the Uttarakhand government had initially introduced AAUY to ensure equal access to quality healthcare services for all residents. “We have, however, noted a marked decrease in patient registrations under AAUY at GDMC over time compared to the initial period,” he said.

He further informed that the earlier eligibility criteria for patients involved possession of ration card, Adhaar card and other easily accessible documents.

“Recently, the government in consultation with the Health department has revised the registration criteria and under it, to avail the benefits of the medical welfare scheme, one must produce updated ration cards. This change seems to have led to a decrease in the number of registrations done under the AAUY programme,” he added.

Dobhal further informed that taking note of this decline, the hospital administration had recently held a meeting. “It was decided at the meeting that an employee from the Ayushman counter will regularly visit the general ward to consult with the nurses about the patients who have not enrolled under AAUY. Upon identification, the employee will personally visit the patients’ wards and enrol them under AAUY,” he said.

He further said that concerned with the dwindling patient registrations under AAUY, the State Health minister Dhan Singh Rawat is contemplating changes in the criteria for patient registration under AAYU.

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