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Four family members returning from Nepal killed in road mishap

Sunday, 11 June 2023 | PNS | LALKUAN 

Car driver escaped after hitting four persons travelling in two-wheelers

Four members of a family died when a car hit the two two-wheelers they were riding on the Tanakpur national highway. The accident occurred in the Chakarpur area of Khatima on Saturday afternoon when the four persons including three women were reportedly returning after meeting their relatives in Nepal.The driver of the car escaped from the scene after the accident.

According to sources, Khatima residents Nem Bahadur Chand (60), his wife Saraswati Devi (55), their daughter in-law Narmada Chand (27) and sister in-law Kalpana Chand (42) were riding on two scootys. They rode the two wheelers to Mahendranagar in Nepal to meet relatives on Saturday morning. They were riding back home in the afternoon when near the Juriya Nalla in the forested area of Chakarpur, a car hit the two scootys. The impact was so strong that two women were thrown from the two-wheeler and into the bushes on the roadside. The driver of the car is reported to have left the vehicle and escaped from the scene of the mishap after the accident.

On receiving information about the mishap the police from Chakarpur reached the accident site. Three of the victims were taken in an ambulance while Nem Bahadur was taken in the car of a policeman to the nearest hospital. The four were declared dead by the doctors in the hospital. They are believed to have died on the spot of the mishap. The police informed that the bodies had been sent for post mortem examination. The family members of the deceased were informed about the tragedy. The police are searching for the driver of the car involved in the accident. It is pertinent to mention here that fatal road traffic accidents have been rising at an alarming frequency in various parts of the State. The measures being taken by the police and other departments concerned have so far had limited effect when it comes to prevention of road traffic accidents. 

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