Four accused nabbed for six chain snatchings in Doon

Tuesday, 10 May 2022 | PNS | Dehradun

The Dehradun police have arrested four persons accused of committing six chain snatchings in different parts of Dehradun on April 28. The chain snatchings were committed in Doiwala, Raipur, Cantt, Patelnagar, Premnagar and Selaqui police station areas. Addressing the media on Monday, deputy inspector general and Dehradun senior superintendent of police Janmejaya Khanduri said that the police station in-charges concerned had been given strict instructions to solve these cases swiftly. Seven teams were formed to solve the cases. The police teams collected evidence from the scenes of crime and checked the CCTV footage on routes used by the suspects while also using surveillance to collect information about them. The police ascertained through CCTV footage that the crimes were committed by four persons on two motorcycles. The police identified two of the accused as Jugnu and Sonu. The police found out that Sonu’s in-laws live in Chorkhala area of Sahaspur and he is related to Jugnu. The police questioned Sonu’s in-laws who said they had no information about the duo. On being shown the CCTV footage, they recognised the other two suspects as Kanha and Billu. The police put their mobile phones on surveillance. The police teams went to the native place of the accused men in Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and other places looking for them. The police learnt that the accused were hiding at the home of a friend in Delhi- an auto rickshaw driver called Sonu Yadav. The police team which had earlier left for Delhi was informed about this and on reaching Yadav’s home, they came to know that he along with two accused was staying at the residence of Gulshan. The police found Gulshan’s home locked but later nabbed him on the charge of sheltering the accused. He confessed that he knew that Jugnu, Sonu and their accomplices had carried out chain snatchings in Dehradun and that he had sheltered the accused along with Yadav at his home. He also said that the accused had gone with Sonu Yadav in his auto to Haridwar. The police team alerted in Haridwar managed to catch Yadav at the Narsan border when he was driving his auto rickshaw from Delhi to Haridwar. He confessed that Sonu and Jugnu had come to him in Delhi after the incidents in Dehradun. He further said that he had dropped the accused in his auto rickshaw at Haridwar.  The police checked the CCTV footage of the area and activated the local informers. The police team which had gone to UP was tipped off about their presence in the Jhinjana area. With the help of the local police, the Dehradun police managed to apprehend the four accused. During questioning, they confessed to having committed the chain snatchings in different areas of Dehradun on April 28. They said that they hid the stolen chains in the jungle in Sahaspur area, which were recovered by the police. The accused will be presented in the court.

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