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First visual of workers trapped inside Silkyara tunnel emerges

Micro camera was inserted into the tunnel

Tuesday, 21 November 2023 | PNS | UTTARKASHI

In latest news from Uttarakhand, the long-awaited first visual of the workers trapped for the past nine days inside the collapsed tunnel at Silkyara has emerged in the public domain. It is learnt that the picture was clicked through a microscopic camera drilled into the debris of the collapsed tunnel. The stuck workers looked fine and safe, said those engaged in the multipronged rescue efforts being carried on to evacuate the trapped labourers and added that solid food has been sent for the first time to the stuck workers through the pipe drilled into the tunnel. Meanwhile, the work to vertically drill an escape channel through the American auger machine to reach out to the trapped workers has resumed after remaining halted for two days.

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