Exit polls not reliable: Pritam Singh

Says it is unfortunate that in all the constituencies the BJP could not muster the courage to seek votes on the names of candidates but relied only on Modi factor

Terming the Exit polls most of whom are projecting a clear victory to the BJP led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) in the Lok Sabha elections as farce, the Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC), president Pritam Singh has claimed that their outcomes are confusing. Talking to The Pioneer at Rajiv Bhawan, the headquarters of state unit of Congress party on Monday; he said that glaring anomalies have occurred in the exit polls.   “The last phase of polls ended at 6 pm on Sunday and these polls were on air at 6.30 pm. It is practically impossible to take the views of the people, compile the data, extrapolate and analyze within 30 minutes. Which means that the last phase was probably not included in these polls,’’ he said. Continuing his skepticism on veracity of these polls, the PCC president claimed that one Exit Poll which predicted 22 seats to BJP in Uttar Pradesh (UP) on Sunday evening changed its stand on Monday morning when it gave 33 seats to BJP. One exit poll informed that Aam Aadami Party (AAP) has got 2.9 percent of total polled votes in Uttarakhand which is ludicrous as everyone knows that the party was not even in fray in Uttarakhand, he said. The Congress leader said that the party would come out with flying colours in Lok Sabha elections. He said that it is unfortunate that in all the constituencies, the BJP could not muster the courage to seek votes on the candidates they fielded but relied only on Modi factor. The PCC President added that in these elections a narrative was set in place according to which, those supporting BJP are patriots while others are anti national. “The issues raised by the BJP before the Lok Sabha elections of 2014 were nowhere in 2019. These are the people who have used the name of Lord Ram in successive elections and now when they failed to make the Ram temple as promised they have now sidelined the issue,’’ he said.

Cong workers to remain extra vigilant during counting

 The state unit of Congress party has asked its polling agents to remain extra vigilant on the day of counting of votes. In a message directed to all the presidents of the district committees, the PCC president Pritam Singh has said that they should ensure that all the workers deployed at counting centres are alert.  On Monday, a meeting was organised in the state party office in which instructions were given to the polling agents by senior leader Prabhu Lal Bahuguna. Addressing the party workers, Bahuguna said that they should leave the counting centres till last vote is counted. He said that in view of the atmosphere created in the country it has become essential for the Congress workers to remain extra cautious and take necessary actions.  The meeting was also attended by MLA Rajkumar, president of disciplinary committee of party Pramod Kumar Singh and others. Tuesday, 21 May 2019 | PNS | Dehradun

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