Elephant injured by train found dead

Thursday, 09 September 2021 | PNS | Haldwani

An elephant which had been injured after being hit by the Ramnagar-Agra Fort train on August 18 was found dead in the Tanda forest area late on Tuesday evening.

Terai central sub divisional forest officer Dhruv Singh Martoliya said that when an elephant herd was cross the track, an elephant and a calf had been killed after being hit by the train on August 18. Another female elephant was reported to have been injured in the same mishap but she had gone so deep into the jungles that the department personnel were unable to track her.

A department team patrolling the area late on Tuesday evening spotted the elephant motionless in the Dimri block and informed their seniors. On Wednesday, the elephant was found to be dead. The elephant was a female aged about 30 years and according to the post mortem a fracture on her skull may have caused the death.

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