Dry climate to continue in Uttarakhand

Dry climate is likely to prevail in most parts of Uttarakhand on Monday, though the sky might turn cloudy for some parts of the day, says the regional meteorological center.  As per the forecast issued by the weather department on Sunday, mist or shallow fog might envelop several places across the plains of Uttarakhand during the early morning hours on the day.   In Dehradun, the sky would remain generally clear though it might be overcast for some time on the day. The morning might be foggy and the fog is likely to clear as the day advances on the day, the weather department said. The mercury in the city is likely to remain the same on Monday as it is on Sunday with the minimum settling in the neighborhood of 11 degree Celsius and the maximum hovering around 27 degree Celsius. In Dehradun, the minimum temperature settled at 10.1 degree Celsius, one notch above the normal, while the maximum hovered around 26.6 degree Celsius, three notches above the normal, on Sunday. The residents of the city say that though it is now cold here the biting winter is yet to arrive. “We hope that the real freezing winter would arrive in the city in the first week of December,” said a senior citizen residing in Dalanwala. The Met officers said that there is little possibility of the western disturbance-spawned rain for the next few days. However, whether being quirky, things might change, they said.    They further said that the winter would turn biting after the maximum temperature dips substantially and it might happen in the first week of December. The minimum temperature recorded at Mukteshwar was 7.3 degree Celsius,  three notches above the normal, while the maximum temperature settled at 17.6 degree Celsius- two notches above the normal.  The minimum was 7.9 degree Celsius at New Tehri and the maximum was 18.5 degree Celsius and they were 9.2 degree Celsius, normal and 27.2 degree Celsius at Pantnagar, one notch above the normal. read more posts… Monday, 26 November 2018 | PNS | Dehradun

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