Doon police arrest 15 men for playing loud music and hooliganism  

Wednesday, 17 May 2023 | PNS | DEHRADUN 

Dehradun police arrested 15 men in Clement Town area on charges of hooliganism and playing loud music in their respective vehicles after alcohol consumption in public places in the wee hours of Tuesday. The officials said that senior superintendent of police Daleep Singh Kunwar has directed all police stations in-charges to take action against those who create ruckus in public places after getting drunk during night under Operation Maryada.

Following the orders, a police team started the checking campaign in the Clement Town area late on Monday night. The police arrested 15 men for allegedly playing loud music in their vehicles after alcohol consumption and creating ruckus in the Clement Town area under the Police Act. The officials said that the police also seized a car whose driver was drunk besides seizing three bikes and a four-wheeler for the installation of modified silencers under the Motor Vehicles Act. Besides this, the police also arrested four men in Premnagar area in the wee hours of Tuesday for disturbing law and order in the area who will be soon presented in court. The officials said that police are conducting regular checking across the district to ensure law and order is maintained at night too.

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