Friday, 16 March 2018 | PNS | Dehradun- The department of Ophthalmology at the Government Doon Medical College hospital here has screened more than 1,200 patients for Glaucoma during the ongoing Glaucoma week. The department has detected about two dozen patients of Glaucoma in the week starting from March 11. Informing about the week, the head of department of Ophthalmology, Dr Sushil Ojha told The Pioneer that the week started with Kala Motia (Glaucoma) awareness community walk around Doon Medical College on the first day. The event saw participation of about 400 people mainly belonging to medical profession. “During the week a message in community to have regular eye checkups after 40 years of age is being spread. The routine eye test and intraocular pressure check can detect glaucoma at an early stage. With early detection and early treatment blindness from glaucoma can be prevented,’’ he said. The senior Eye surgeon said that glaucoma is silent disease and the patient gets symptomatic at very advanced stage. He informed that the worrying thing about the disease is the irreversible loss of blindness and only method to prevent blindness is early detection and treatment. Dr Ojha said more than 70 patients were treated with glaucoma surgery for IOP (intraocular pressure control) and 700 patients are on medical treatment for the control of glaucoma in last one year in the medical college hospital. Warning against intake of steroids without medical advice, Dr Ojha said that it can cause Glaucoma at any age. He said that many people use eye drops containing steroids without advice of the doctor which is dangerous. Dr Ojha further informed that Glaucoma is prevalent in Uttarakhand but people here show reluctance to have regular eye check up.

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