Tuesday, 31 July 2018 | PNS | Dehradun — The Public Hearing conducted by the District Magistrate resumed on Monday after its cancelation on four consecutive Mondays since the High-Court-ordered anti-encroachment drive was launched in the city. However, last Monday, the DM had heard out the problems presented by those who turned up informally. The administration had cited the DM’s pre-occupation with the demolition drive as the reason behind the repeated cancellation of the Public Hearing. During the Public Hearing held on Monday, the DM heard out the grievances of the people who attended. Many of the problems are said to have been solved on the spot and the rest was forwarded to the departments concerned for redressal. The cases that came up during the Public Hearing mostly pertained to the revenue department, health department, child and women department, education department, Municipal Corporation of Dehradun and MDDA. Besides, a case involving 15 rain-affected families was raised during the meeting. The DM subsequently asked the Municipal Corporation of Dehradun to allot land for the families. Further, in course of the hearing, the DM informed that a new experiment in the realm of registering complaints has been started to make things smoother and more effective. He said that by the new system, the complaints would not just be recorded in writing but they would also be uploaded in the Samdhan Portal. This would help the departments concerned to address the complaints filed in time, DM said. He added that they can also check the follow–ups of the cases and intervene when intervention is required. He said that it would make things much simpler and solution of the problems more prompt. It is learnt from the officers that around 23 cases have been uploaded on the portal on Monday and actions were being taken on them.

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