DM orders repairing of damaged river embankments

Saturday, 31 July 2021 | PNS | Dehradun

In view of the recent incidents of embankments collapsing during heavy rains across the city, Dehradun district magistrate R Rajesh Kumar directed the Irrigation Department to review the condition of such embankments and carry out timely repairs to avoid more such incidents.

On Friday, the DM accompanied by MLA Harbans Kapoor went on the field inspection of slums established near Bindal River. During the inspection, Kapoor asked the district administration to work towards improving sanitation facilities and monitoring water levels regularly to avoid any disasters and accidents in the area. After inspecting the area, Kumar directed the officials of the irrigation department to construct the new embankments besides checking and repairing the old ones to avoid the entry of water inside the houses in the area.

Moreover, he also instructed the senior municipal health officer to ensure the cleaning of garbage like polythene and plastic nearby the river to avoid an obstruction in the flow of water during heavy rain. He also directed the officials concerned to conduct regular inspections of the riverside areas in the city to restrict encroachment and illegal construction work. He asked the officials to keep Incident Response System (IRS) active while working in coordination to tackle any disasters.

During the field inspection, officials from the Municipal Corporation of Dehradun (MCD), irrigation department and tehsildar were also present besides the DM and MLA.

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