District administration to introduce LED light strings in local market by October 31

Promoting the spirit of vocal for local this year, the Dehradun district administration is planning to introduce LED light strings in the local market of the district for Diwali by the end of this month. A few months back amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the administration started the training programme under the National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM) to provide training and develop the skills of the women associated with various Self Help Groups (SHGs). According to the officials, there are about 3000 SHGs under NRLM so far and most of the women in these SHGs are housewives. Moreover, apart from working on various projects including making face masks and Take Home Ration (THR) packaging,

these women also make LED string lights. The administration carries out training and working process of such string lights at the growth centre located in Thano area. Also, the work of these women was recently displayed by decorating the buildings like the collectorate building and Clock Tower with the tricolour LED string lights on the occasion of Independence Day. As per the officials, the administration would introduce over 3,000 LED string lights in the local market of the district to promote and encourage the local manufacturers and customers to sell and buy locally assembled quality LED string lights this Diwali. According to Dehradun chief development officer (CDO) Nitika Khandelwal, the administration would release at least 3,000 LED light strings in the market by the end of this month. However, she added that the administration might introduce more string lights in the market but it all depends on how much the women who are working on the light strings would be able to manufacture by the end of this month. The officials maintain that all the said LED lights strings are waterproof and have better quality than the regular Chinese light strings that mostly dominate the local market during Diwali every year.

Wednesday, 28 October 2020 | PNS | Dehradun

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