Disruption in fibre internet irks people in Doon

Wednesday, 06 December 2023 | PNS | DEHRADUN

Many people have expressed concern following disruption in fibre based broadband internet service and cable network service in Dehradun city. They claimed that the disruption in the internet and cable network services has necessitated the need for recharging mobile data packages on phones. The officials have indicated that the internet services in the city may remain disrupted for a couple of days in the provisional State capital.  

Commenting on the matter, a housewife Sushma Gupta said that the temporary disruption of WiFi fibre services has resulted in boredom for individuals, particularly housewives like her. In today’s time, when almost everyone has WiFi fibre service at home, this disruption has prevented housewives from using internet wifi fibre service. She said that the WiFi network was affected due to the removal of the WiFi fibre service wires, leading to the temporary closure of the said service and forcing her to rely on her mobile data recharge.

Another local resident Vishal Jaiswal said, “The work-from-home arrangement has been in place for me since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. In order to ensure productivity, I have subscribed to a WiFi fibre service. Unfortunately, the recent activities involving the beautification work in the city and other works have resulted in the network wires being removed from the electrical poles, causing a temporary suspension of the WiFi service. This situation has significantly impacted office operations. I hope that the internet WiFi fibre service issue will be resolved promptly.”

Dwelling on this issue, an official at Jio Fibre Service, Aman Negi said, “The execution of the Smart City project works, specifically the painting of electricity poles, coupled with other beautification works underway in the city, has resulted in the temporary suspension of internet broadcast service in the city. We have received numerous complaints from concerned customers regarding the temporary closure of the WiFi fibre service. However, it is important to note that the set project has not impacted mobile internet services. We assure that the service will resume within a period of two to three days in a more optimised manner,” he said. 

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