Devotees thronging Badrinath again to offer puja for ancestors


In latest news from Uttarakhand, as the Sharddh Paksha begins, devotees have started thronging the Badrinath Dham again. They are coming mainly to perform the post-death rites (pind daan) for their ancestors at the fabled Brahma Kapal. It is platform on the river Alakananda, about two meters away from the Badrinath shrine. As per the legend thriving for thousands of years, performing post-death rites for the ancestors at this holy place is loaded with immense spiritual significance.  It is believed that if one has not yet performed the pind daan of ancestors he can do the same at Brahma Kapal and if this ritual is performed here the merit increases eightfold and the souls of the department attain moksha or liberation from the wheel of karma and the birth cycle. According to the scriptures, if one performs pind daan here he ought not to do the same again. The media in-charge of the Badri Kedar Temple Committee Harish Gaur said that the devotees have started pouring in again at the shrine to perform the pind daan rituals for their ancestors which is believed to bring immediate salvation for the departed souls.    

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