Devotees and shopkeepers welcome Navratri

Friday 08, 2021 | PNS |Dehradun

The festive season has started in Dehradun with the commencement of Navratri celebrations. Coming after the conclusion of Shraddh Paksh, the Navratri period was welcomed by local residents as well as local shopkeepers. Queues of several devotees could be observed at various temples across the city to celebrate the first day of the occasion by worshipping goddess Shailputri, one of the nine forms of goddess Durga on Thursday. Many also installed Kalash in temples and homes to worship the nine goddesses in Navratri.  A devotee Ekta Negi said that she and her family could not visit the temples during Navratri due to Covid-19 pandemic since the past year but they did it this time as the Covid situation is under control in the city. Besides the devotees, local shopkeepers were also elated with the start of Navratri period. “The beginning of Navratri celebrations marks the end of the non-shopping period of customers for us as the sales decline drastically during the monsoon and then Shraddh Paksh. All small and big shops get the business during and after Navratri as the celebrations of other big Hindus festivals continue in October and November,” stated a local shopkeeper Harish Gusain

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