Tuesday, 03 July 2018 | PNS | Dehradun– Despite questions being raised repeatedly about the pace of works on the Haridwar-Dehradun highway, factors like under-construction flyovers continue to pose hindrance in the smooth flow of traffic on this busy highway. Along with the construction works, factors like improper regulation of traffic continue to cause major delay for those using this highway. The situation is worse for those using public transport. Commuters complain that travelling in the roadways buses with worn out seats and way too many passengers creates major inconvenience with the journey between the two cities taking more than double the one and a half hours it should generally take. On one of the Uttarakhand Transport Corporation buses plying from Haridwar to Dehradun on Monday, commuters were hassled by the long time it was taking to reach the destination. One of the commuters complained, “I have to reach my office at 10 am. This bus departed from Haridwar at about 8 AM and it’s already 9:30am and I’m still on the bus with uncertainty about the time of arrival in Dehradun.” “We have to travel this stretch of the highway every day and the regular delays make us exhausted at the end of the day,” said another passenger on the bus. Those who travel regularly between Haridwar and Dehradun complain that factors like the protracted delay in the construction of the flyovers, lack of effective traffic regulation and the apathy of the authorities concerned towards enforcement of traffic regulations continue to make travelling on this highway a harrowing experience. Observers point out that the authorities are not ensuring effective regulation of traffic especially in places where the traffic is affected by ongoing construction works. Despite the importance of this highway also used by those travelling to Dehradun and elsewhere in Uttarakhand from neighbouring Uttar Pradesh and the National Capital Region, the authorities have remained apathetic to the problems being faced by commuters on this highway.

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