Dehradun MCD collects Rs 8 crore from house tax

‘We are to collect Rs 25 crore by March,’ says tax and revenue superintendent

Municipal Corporation of Dehradun (MCD) has so far collected Rs eight crore in terms of the house tax against the target set of Rs 25 crore. The official in charge stated that the house taxpayers should submit their taxes before January 15.

Following ups and downs in the task of collecting house taxes from 60 wards of the city, the process has now been going on in full swing. According to the officer in charge, the  amount  collected as tax per day varies from Rs 50 lakh to Rs one crore

Talking to The Pioneer, tax and revenue superintendent, Dharmendra Painuly, said, “Our aim is to collect Rs 25 crore by the end of March. We have so far collected Rs eight crore so far.” When quizzed for more on how to achieve the target by the time set, he said, “I believe that the people of Dehradun are very responsible and aware of their obligations as house taxpayers. We are collecting a good amount every day and there is no doubt that we would achieve our target well before March.”

Currently, the house tax is being collected from 60 wards spread across the city. The newly added 40 wards are not yet in the house tax collection list. The increased amount of house tax which was fixed last year would be added to the bill from the new financial year, the civic body officers said.

Elaborating the point, Painuly said, “The increased house tax would be added in the bill of the house owners from the new financial year. For the time being, we are collecting house tax as per the last year’s amount.” The last date of the house tax collection which was December 31, 2018, has been extended to 31 January 2019.

When queried more about the problems they are facing in terms of collecting the house tax, he said, “This is our work and we hardly face any problem.  However, as we have extended the date of the deposition of the tax the people come to deposit the tax during the last few days of the time.  It is better if the taxpayers reach here early and submit their taxes before January 15. This way it would be convenient for the taxpayers and us both. It would be easy for us to complete the process well before the deadline we have set.”  Read more posts…


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