Dairy continues to function despite ADM’s orders to close it

Saturday, 15 January 2022 | PNS | Dehradun

An animal rights activist has stated that the government officers have failed to act on an order by the Additional District Magistrate (ADM) to shut down a dairy found violating the rules in Dehradun. The order to shut the dairy was issued after an inspection done by a team of district administration officials led by the ADM on a few dairies of Kanwali Road in September last year. Following the inspection, an FIR was filed against the owners of a dairy for illegally using oxytocin-a prohibited drug- which was found in their dairy on Kanwali Road. However, the district authorities have not implemented the order of the ADM issued in December despite 20 days having passed, said Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) member Rubina Nitin Iyer.

She said, “If the officials fail to implement the order of the ADM, what can the general public expect of them for any help. Such dairies pose a threat to the welfare of animals as well as to the health of the public. Stringent action must be taken against dairies flouting health, safety and environmental laws,” she added. 

She informed that following the FIR, an order was issued by the ADM ordering closure of the dairy. The inspection highlighted blatant violation of various environmental and drugs control laws. None of the dairies had been granted consent to operate and consent to establish from the Pollution Control Board. None of the dairy premises is registered with the Municipal Corporation of Dehradun and the dairies are operating in cities within residential area; polluting the drains by discarding solid waste, said Iyer.

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