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Congress submits memorandum to DM against felling of trees for road widening 

Wednesday, 19 JUNE 2024 | PNS | DEHRADUN

A Congress delegation submitted a memorandum to the Dehradun district magistrate Sonika on Tuesday against the planned felling of over 200 trees for the widening of the road from Dilaram Chowk to the chief minister’s residence. The general secretary of the Uttarakhand Congress, Godavari Thapli said that a recent news article had brought to their attention a proposal for a four-lane road project aimed at alleviating traffic congestion. She expressed apprehension regarding this project due to the proposed felling of over 200 trees, which would have a detrimental effect on the environment.

Thapali said that considering the widening of roads a Congress delegation had presented a memorandum to the district magistrate on Tuesday, emphasising in it the potential repercussions of constructing the four-lane road on areas situated adjacent to the New Cantt Road, such as Dilaram Bazaar, Hathibadkala, Salawala, Vijay Colony and others. She highlighted that these areas are inhabited by numerous shopkeepers whose businesses sustain their livelihoods and due to the widening of roads, they will  suffer financially.

The Congress further sought the construction of a flyover on the New Cantt Road, linking the chief minister’s residence and the Raj Bhawan, rather than constructing a four-lane road. This proposal aims to alleviate traffic congestion, support the local shopkeepers in maintaining their livelihoods, and protect the environment by preserving the existing trees.

Former MLA Rajkumar stressed the importance of planting trees to compensate for trees that were cut on Sahastradhara Road, before the start of the rainy season. Additionally, he highlighted the urgency of completing the cleaning of roads and drains to prevent waterlogging and subsequent diseases like dengue during the monsoon.

The Congress leaders said that they will stage a protest if the government cuts the trees on New Cantt Road. 

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