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Congress promotes dynastic politics & corruption: Dhami

Saturday, 13 APRIL 2024 | PNS | DEHRADUN

Chief minister Pushkar Singh Dhami has accused the Congress party of encouraging corruption and dynastical politics. He also blamed the Congress for engaging in the politics of appeasement. Addressing a public meeting at Danya in Almora in support of  BJP candidate Ajay Tamta on Friday, the CM said that Congress wants to come to the power not for the public welfare but for the welfare of the family. Dhami said that the election manifesto of the Congress party resembles the divisive manifesto of Muslim league headed by Jinnah in the year 1936.

Exhorting the people to vote for the BJP candidate Tamta for making Narendra Modi the Prime Minister of the country again, the CM said that PM Modi has special affinity towards Uttarakhand. He said that Jageshwar temple is the centre of the Manaskhand Mandir Mala mission  and after the visit of PM Modi the number of pilgrims visiting the temple has increased.

The CM said that Uttarakhand is taking rapid strides on the path of development under the leadership of PM Modi. The number of pilgrims in Char Dhams is increasing. He said that PM Modi is working on a mission to make India, a developed nation by the year 2047. 

He said that the Modi government has taken a series of decisions such implementation of Citizens Amendment Act (CAA) and abrogation of article 370 of constitution in the larger interests of the country. The triple Talaq has also been abolished. Similarly construction of a mega temple of Lord Ram has been completed and the economy of the country is now the fifth biggest economy of the world.

 The CM said that many developmental projects are going on at a full swing in the State.  The State government has implemented a stringent anti- copying act and the recruitment examinations are being held as per the calendar. Anti riot ordinance has been brought and 30 per cent reservation in government jobs is being given to women.

 Dhami said that the PM himself had given a gift of projects worth Rs 4200 crore in Jageshwar for the development of the area. 

The CM said that during the coalition government headed by the Congress before 2014, the scams were coming to fore on daily basis. He added that in the governments headed by Congress and other opposition parties in the State, the scams are still coming out. PM Modi has adopted a policy of zero tolerance on corruption due to which the corrupt are either in jail or are out on bail, he said. 

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