Congress Corrupt, its manifesto farce: Namo

PM says Cong on the side of terrorists, separatists & stone pelters as it has advocated shelving the judicial protection provided to armed forces operating in areas like J&K

With only four days left for the campaigning to end for the Lok Sabha elections in all five seats of Uttarakhand, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave impetus to BJP’s campaign by addressing a well attended rally in Dehradun on Friday during which he tore into Congress, the major opposition party in the state, by trashing its election manifesto and equating it with corruption. In a razor sharp attack on Congress, PM said, “Corruption needs Congress and Congress needs corruption.” Continuing his diatribe further, PM added, “When Congress is in power, corruption is on accelerator while development remains on ventilator.’’ He said that during the Congress rule every resource of the country was looted blatantly by its leaders. Amid thundering applause from the crowd, Modi in his unique style said that the ‘Chowkidar’ of the country has brought the middleman of the Augusta Westland helicopter deal to India from Dubai. He said that media is mentioning that in the chargesheet, the investigating agency has mentioned that ‘AP’ and ‘FAM’ received commission. Modi said that the news reports inform that AP refers to Ahmed Patel while FAM means ‘Family’. He then asked the people to guess what this family to whom Ahmed Patel is linked is. To which the crowd’s reply was that it is Gandhi family.  Referring to the Gandhi family, he said that the once mighty family is now out on bail and is using every trick in the book to evade jail. Terming the recently released election manifesto of Congress party as ‘Dhakosla’ (sham) repeatedly, Modi said that the party appears on the side of the terrorists, separatists and stone pelters as it has advocated shelving the judicial protection provided to armed forces operating in areas like Jammu and Kashmir. He said that if the designs of the Congress and its friends are successful then our Jawans who are staking their lives to protect the nation would get exposed to fake charges and litigations.

Understanding perfectly well that he is the state where serving in armed forces is like a family tradition in a considerable proportion of households, Modi struck an emotive chord and said that under such circumstances no mother would send her son to army to serve the nation.  He said that the Congress has entered into an alliance with a party which has openly declared its intention to have a separate Prime Minister for Jammu and Kashmir. That dream of some people to have two PMs in India would never get fulfilled.

At start of his address, PM said that he has unflinching faith and regard for Uttarakhand which is a ‘Devbhoomi’. He said that his government took decisions like providing 10 per cent reservation for the poor of upper castes and clearing the proposal to deploy women on forward posts in army. Modi said that his government provided the benefit of One Rank One Pension (OROP) to the ex- servicemen, which was a 40 year old demand. On Uttarakhand, he said that his government is committed to turn the trend of migration from mountains by linking it with tourism. He said that the Mahakumbh slated to be held Haridwar in the year 2021 would be a grand affair much bigger in scale than the recently held Kumbh at Prayagraj.

Saturday, 06 April 2019 | PNS | Dehradun

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