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Cong weakened India, rues PM

Says those who clamped Emergency, bullied judiciary, insulted Army and indulged in dalali are maligning me

Launching a blistering attack against the Congress and seeking to compare their 55 years rule against his 55 months, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday alleged that those who imposed Emergency, “bullied” the judiciary, insulted the Army and indulged in “dalali” were accusing him of destroying institutions and misgovernance. Taking a hit at the proposed grand alliance of Opposition parties, Prime Minister said, “People do not want a ‘mahamilavat’ (adulterated) Government”. The PM was replying to a  debate on motion of thanks to President’s address in the Lok Sabha. In a no-holds-barred strike at the Congress, Modi put most of the problems of the country on the doorsteps of the Congress regimes in 55 years, saying it completely lacked any vision and direction. He described the Congress as “Satta bhog main dube log.” Modi alleged there is mala fide intention behind kicking up controversy over the Rafale deal saying  that the Congress did not want the Indian Air Force to be strong and asked “which companies are they bidding for that they are acting so shamefully.”  Amid loud protests from the Opposition benches, the PM said he is making his allegation with full responsibility. Modi took potshots at attempts to cobble together a grand alliance of Opposition parties to take on the BJP, saying people do not want a “mahamilavat” (highly adulterated) Government as they have seen how the NDA Government, which has a majority, can deliver. “Congress imposed Emergency, but they say Modi is destroying institutions. Congress insults Army, calls the Army chief a ‘goonda’ but they say Modi is destroying institutions,” the PM said. The Congress misused Article 356 to dismiss State Governments several times; Indira Gandhi herself dismissed State Governments 50 times, Modi said. The PM said in a poll year, leaders have compulsions to make charges but lamented that while slamming Modi and the BJP, some people “start attacking India”. He claimed the Opposition’s ability to listen to the truth has diminished. The Congress, he said, questioned the Election Commission and EVM but is accusing him of destroying institutions. “Congress bullies the judiciary but Modi is destroying institutions. Congress calls Planning Commission a bunch of jokers… But Modi is destroying institutions,” Modi said sarcastically. He also took a dig at the recent Opposition rally in Kolkata organised by the Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee. “People do not want a ‘mahamilavat’ (adulterated) Government of those who assembled in Kolkata,” he said. “A Government has to work for the people of India, a Government has to be sensitive to the people’s aspirations. There is no room for corruption. We speak the truth, be it in country or outside, in Parliament or outside, but your ability to listen to truth has diminished,” he said, targeting the Opposition. Modi said the Congress had left the Army handicapped and in such a case it was not in a position to carry out surgical strikes. “Congress does not want our Air Force to become powerful. I am levelling a serious allegation,” said the PM. Hitting out at the Congress, Modi said for some BC stands for “before Congress” and AD for “after dynasty”. Modi rejected the Congress charge that enough jobs were not created during his 55 months rule and claimed that more the organised sector that provides only 10 per cent jobs, it is the unforganised sector that generated employment during the BJP rule. He said the unorganised sector in transport was a major job provider in last four years as was evident in the sale of 36 lakh big trucks, 1.5 crore passenger vehicles and 27 lakh autos.  He said transport sector in last four year gave 1.3 crore jobs. Besides, Modi said hotels in the country witnessed an increase of 50 per cent that also illustrates major increase in employment.
Friday, 08 February 2019 | PNS | New Delhi

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