Cong protest laughable, should check its record: BJP

The Bharatiya Janata Party has termed the protest by Congress as laughable and opined that the party should check its own record. It appears nothing short of a joke when the Congress which has always had a mentality of ignoring and harassing Dalits and women is making a show of caring for their interests, the BJP opined.

Reacting to the protest staged by the Congress, the BJP state vice president and media in-charge Devendra Bhasin said that the BJP has always been committed to honouring women, their upliftment and the interests of the Dalits. This is the reason why today the maximum number of women and Dalit MPs and MLAs are the highest in the nation in the BJP. Their place is also ascertained in the party organisation. On the other hand, the Congress and other opposition parties have always been apathetic towards women and even made them the victims of oppression. The Dalits were kept in the dark and used as a vote bank but nothing was done in their interests, said Bhasin.

He said, “Before making any statement, the Congress should first check its own record. A big leader of Uttarakhand Congress is under the purview of a probe in a case of harassing his own wife. A former national vice president of the Congress has been accused by a party worker of misbehavior. There are many such cases which highlight the character of the Congress. Where the BJP is concerned, even in exceptional cases, it has not hesitated from either adopting a stern stance or taking action.” The Congress is without issues and hence attempts to turn non-issues into an issue. However, in the end, the Congress falls in its own trap, added Bhasin.

Friday, 06 November 2020 | PNS | Dehradun

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