Wednesday, 11 April 2018 | PNS | Dehradun– The Congress has accused the State Government of creating a constitutional crisis like situation in the State. It alleged that the State Government has failed to maintain the law and order situation in Uttarakhand with a steady rise in crimes including murder, rape and dacoity ever since it came to office. Even the much touted stance of zero-tolerance for corruption is appearing dubious considering the questionable decisions and rollbacks of the State Government on important policy issues pertaining to excise and education, said the Pradesh Congress Committee president Pritam Singh. Addressing the media here at the Congress Bhawan on Tuesday, the PCC president said that since the Bharatiya Janata Party Government assumed office in the state, the crime graph had been spiraling upwards consistently. He said, “On April 7, an ATM was looted of Rs 25 lakh and the guard was shot by the criminals in broad daylight in a crowded area of Roorkee. Later on the same night they robbed a petrol pump of our MLA Qazi Nizamuddin. These are just examples of the serious crimes that have been rising alarmingly in the State. The MLAs and Ministers too are showing little respect for the law,”he alleged. Singh further alleged that the State Government was working with the ulterior motive of benefiting the liquor mafia. He said, “Why is the State Government repeatedly making changes in the excise policy? The Government’s position on the excise policy also deflates its claims of zero-tolerance for corruption. Earlier the State Government had decided that e-tenders would be facilitated for clusters of liquor shops and then it retracted. During the term of the Congress Government, the bar license fee was Rs 2,00,000. The current Government raised it to Rs 5,00,000 and then retracted its decision to fix the fee at Rs 3,00,000. The Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat said that the amount had been decreased after members of the hoteliers association expressed their concern about the negative impact of the hiked fee on tourism. Does the state government need hoteliers to inform State Government be aware of such aspects? The Government is also hiking the price of liquor in the State. We believe that by doing this, the government will basically encourage bootlegging from Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and other areas. The decisions and rollbacks by the Government on the excise policy regarding liquor is a serious issue as it points at the the possibility of under-table agreements,” alleged the PCC chief. Referring to the civil aviation sector, Singh alleged that the government had not yet invited bids from helicopter service providers as it wanted to facilitate unfair dominance of a particular enterprise in the sector. He also questioned the State Government on the issue of authorising private medical universities to ascertain their fee pattern. He said, “The Government got a bill passed in the budget session at Gairsain to facilitate fee hike by private medical universities. However, considering the strong opposition to this decision the Government claimed that it had retracted. But, no ordinance was passed by the government to this effect. The state government also appears to have acted dubiously considering its decisions and rollbacks in the sphere of education and mining,” averred the PCC chief.

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