Cong considers ‘family’ above Supreme Court: VK Singh

There is no scam in the Rafale fighter jet deal as alleged repeatedly by the Congress party. After the recent Supreme Court decision in petitions regarding the deal, the Congress is also questioning the apex court which is just a continuation of that party’s questioning constitutional bodies during the last four and a half years, said the Union Minister of State for External Affairs, VK Singh. Addressing the media at the Bharatiya Janata Party State office here on Sunday, Singh said that the Congress had attempted to portray the Rafale deal like the Bofors scam. He said, “They worked on the belief that if one tells a lie hundred times at least fifty per cent people will believe it. They ran a big campaign to project the Rafale deal as a scam. Four petitions were filed in the Supreme Court but the recent judgment of the apex court has exposed the Congress’ lie and resolved all doubt on the three points raised in the petitions.” Singh further said that there were irregularities and delays in finalization of defense deals during the tenure of the Congress. The Congress had totally ignored this aspect in the campaign it had undertaken to project the Rafale deal as a scam. Citing this he said that the Congress was indulging in politics based on lies. He said, “During the past four and a half years, the Congress has repeatedly questioned constitutional bodies. After the recent Supreme Court decision on the Rafale case, it is also questioning the wisdom of the apex court as if the ‘family’ is above the Supreme Court. The Congress had initiated the Rafale deal but delayed its finalisation from 2007 to 2014. It should answer as to why it delayed finalisation of the deal for seven years. The combat capability of the Indian Air Force remained affected during this time period. The Rafale deal is a Government to Government contract without any middleman in between. If the Congress questions even this then what is there to trust. During 2005, the IAF had stated in detail about the status of its combat capabilities but still the Congress delayed finalization of the Rafale deal when it was in office.” Singh, further, said that the BJP had from the start been in favour of a debate on the issue in the parliament but the Congress avoided it. Having questioned various constitutional bodies during the past four and a half years, the Congress is now also questioning the Supreme Court. There is nothing dubious in the Rafale deal which is a shut case as far as allegations leveled by the Congress are concerned, he added. Read more posts… Monday, 17 December 2018 | PNS | Dehradun–

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