Chief Minister attends Bharat Mata Aradhana Mahayajna

Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat attended the Bharat Mata Aradhna Mahayajna which started on Thursday at Saptrishi Ashram.  He was accompanied by the state cabinet minister Madan Kaushik. The founder of Bharat Mata Mandir Trust Swami Satyamitranand Giri heaped praise on the Chief Minister for reaching the venue on time despite his multiple engagements for the day. Presiding over the function as the chief guest, Chief Minister Rawat said that the country is lovingly being addressed as Bharat Mata. “This fosters a feeling that we are all sons of India.  The country must come first for all of us.  If the Rashtra perishes we also perish along with it. This is why the interests of the nation must always gain precedence over the interest of the individual,” he said. Dwelling on the timelessness of the Indian culture and civilization, CM said that many big nations had been wiped out under the onslaught of time. “Along with the nations, their cultures perished. But India and the culture she represents still is alive and vibrant thanks to its all-embracing culture which is sanatan, eternal,” Rawat said. He further said that the saints are behind the deathless vibrancy of the Indian culture. “They have been keeping it alive through millennia,” he said. He hailed the initiative to hold the yajna (sacrificial fire) as an offering to the Mother India.  “I am privileged to offer my bit to the Bharat Mata,” he added. Read more posts… Friday, 21 December 2018 | PNS | Haridwar–

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