Century Pulp & Paper launches Natura Wrap

Biodegradable cellulose film introduced in the market

In pursuance of its focus on hygiene and health, Century Pulp & Paper mill launched biodegradable cellulose film “Natura Wrap” at its plant in Lalkuan. On this occasion, Century Pulp and Paper chief executive officer JP Narain said that food packaging plays an important role, especially in the present times. Packaging material should ensure food quality while also retaining the aroma. Natura Wrap being a cellulose film not only ensures superior aroma retention property that preserves freshness but also safeguards food quality. In addition to this, the product is completely biodegradable, making it an absolutely environment-friendly product. With this item being introduced in the market, the company has shown its innovative approach with this product towards clean India, healthy India mission. According to the chief sales officer Alok Prakash, Natura Wrap is a non-sticky film with good dead-fold properties suitable for twist wrapping and flexible packaging materials. It is a thin transparent, breathable, cellulose film of natural origin with high gloss. It maintains freshness of the packed ingredient for a long duration. It also possesses good heat and chemical resistance. This transparent film manufactured from cellulose originated in the plant cell wall. The product, cellulose film is easily decomposed in soil or compost and degraded into water producing carbon dioxide gas and biomass. The company has made the product available in the retail market with a range of length from nine-meter to 100 meters. read more post… Wednesday, 17 October 2018 | PNS | Lalkuan–

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