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Vanishing Act

It seems that a medico turned businessman appointed to the coveted position of advisor, health services by TSR government has simply vanished into thin air. Shortly after assuming charge bestowed upon him, the man appeared on a mission and those associated with the health department were confident that he has the required vision which coupled with his proximity to power would infuse a fresh lease of life into the ailing health services of the state. However after settling of initial euphoria his interest in treating the ills of the department decreased gradually. The talk going around is that things become complicated for him after he fell out with the very person who apart from being his partner in one his business ventures was responsible for his selection for the coveted post. Marginalized, he thought it proper to nurture his business empire consisting of scores of coaching classes and couple of schools rather than finding a panacea for a health system which is on a ventilator.

Collection quandary

The Congressmen in the Himalayan state are peeved at the foisted decision of the party to collect funds for the ensuing Lok Sabha elections. In a recent meeting all important leaders of the party including MLAs, those who unsuccessfully contested Vidhan Sabha elections and district presidents were asked to ensure that they should mobilise funds to the tune of Rs 20 to 30 lakh each for the cash strapped party. Most of these leaders grudgingly accepted the receipt books while some of them are learnt to have flatly refused to engage in any kind of fund collection drive.  The predicament of Congress leaders is understandable since the party is out of power both at centre and state and in such hard times it is difficult to convince donors to bequest funds. In such a situation, it would be interesting to note how much funds the party in its endeavour to emulate rival BJP which had collected Rs 25 crore in a similar drive, can generate.

Medical Muddle

The agitation of first year MBBS students over what they alleged prejudiced and stingy award of marks in one of practical subjects and subsequent sloppy handling of the situation by the college administration has underlined how the change of guard at helm often affects an institution detrimentally. The principal, who was instrumental in setting up the college and getting all requisite permissions from Medical Council of India and others had to relinquish his position on last day of November as Uttar Pradesh government sat over the request of Uttarakhand government for extension of his deputation in the state. As a stop gap measure, the charge of the principal was handed over to a senior most faculty member who apart from dealing with political interference has big tasks ahead like MCI inspections, completion of pending infrastructure projects of the college, ensuring permanent appointments in faculty and other positions and upgrading facilities at the associated hospital. The situation warrants that the government should put an immediate end to ad-hocism in the institution and initiate process for permanent appointment on principal’s post. Read more posts… Friday, 21 December 2018 | Gajendra Singh Negi | Dehradun

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